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Testimonials From Current And Former Clients

NOTE: The Testimonials posted here do not show the author's actual names or

dates of posting to protect the former or current client that wrote it.


Former Client
June 28, 2022

We seemed to have crossed over into new and better and more healthy territory.  A few situations occurred which enabled us  to share some deep feelings and emotions. We are getting down to the nitty gritty. We are able to admit and share some scary faults and fears with each other and really open up. And in that we found we still love each other - maybe more for the sharing. We are working on stuff you taught us or at least you planted the seeds. We do not have it all figured out- it's a lifetime journey but I believe we're on the right path. We are also praying together more often. I'm really working hard personally on the people pleasing. It is not easy but God is putting my blessings upfront in my face so I focus on that. And Brad is working on his anxiety, among other things. It's a blessing to have met you.


Former Client
June 29, 2021

After experiencing anxiety and feelings of depression after experiencing a medical concern, I began speaking to Bill who helped tremendously by showing me ways to change my thinking patterns and understand more about what I was going through. By putting his advice into practice I was able to improve greatly. Just knowing that I have the ability to contact Bill in the future if something were to happen gives me great comfort. I would highly recommend anyone going through anxiety and/or depression to speak with Bill - he is truly a caring and knowledgeable person who can help.

Thomas M

Thervo Reviews
March 20, 2020

Bill is person centered and hones into the heart of the matter by listening empathically and with focus. He has life experience and doesn't spend time trying to guess what the difficulties might be involving. He brings that experience to the session, and only advises, not dictates or orders what should be done next...he helps me to find the solutions for myself, and simply walks with me through the dark areas....

Liz R

Thervo Reviews
March 4, 2020

Mr. Parker is a compassionate and knowledgeable man. Very passionate about helping others and always went above and beyond one’s expectations

Max E

Thervo Reviews
March 4, 2020

He is open-minded to a variety of processes. He offers the most effective skill anyone can have, and that is listening. He is sharp, consistent, carries leadership traits hard to find now of days, and is true to his word.

Jeannie C

Former Client
September 2, 2020

Bill Parker was my mental health therapist for close to a year, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He was approachable and kind, yet di not let me stagnate in my growth. He challenged me to be my best self, to address any old issues that were holding me back, and taught me how to change my life by changing my thoughts. I would highly recommend Bill Parker to a friend, a family member, or anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

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